Inteligent RFID Laptop Locker

Modular Design

First locker set includes the electronics and additional lockers can be connected in series to a maximum of 100 compartments when RFID Opens under load – unlike solenoid locks, the Traka lock opens under load so even if the door is forced shut, the door will always open. Doors accidentally Mechanical key override allows administrators to open doors in an emergency.

Optional RFID tagging

records the removal and return. Compartment floor mounted RFID reader detects movement of tagged computer alarm if computer not returned within set time period and optional Defect logging allows users to report problems on laptop return.

Optional Power strip

includes power socket in rear wall of locker. Where laptops are to be returned for charging, Traka lockers can auto allocate next locker in sequence based upon charging period.

PC Software Administration 

The is administered from the user friendly software supported by a Microsoft Access Multiple systems can be networked together
Local or Wide Area Network to provide accountability for a limitless number of laptops administered from multiple workstations running the Traka32 software.

User Identification 

The Traka lockers type of access control device required to identify the locker system. Supported devices include proximity readers from all leading access control manufacturers, magstripe, barcode and technologies such as fingerprint and hand, scanners.


  • Locker Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 1960mm h
  • Compartment Size: 400mm x 400mm x 100mm h
  • Power Supply: Input: AC100-240V
  • Battery Backup: DC12V 3.2Ah (24 hours)
  • Power Consumption: 30W max
  • Cabinet Material: Zintec Steel
  • Colour Options: Black MNA03 carcass with grey doors
  • Operating Temp: Ambient. For indoor use only
  • Mounting: Floor mounted
  • Compartments: 10 per locker stack- Extension, stacks allow expansion
  • Users per system: 16,000
  • Communications: Ethernet (AES-256 encryptionoptional), RS485, RS232, Modem
  • Reader Interface: Wiegand, Clock/Data ABA Tk2, RS232, TTL, Wiegand Anti passback, PIN only
  • Alarm Interface: 3 x 1A/24V relay contacts for connecting to alarms, access control systems, CCTV etc