Modular Design

Designed to accommodate between 10 and 20 keys (or key sets), the innovative M-Series design allows for starting small and later expanding by adding multiples of 10 key positions (called receptor strips) as required. Receptor strips are defined as locking or non-locking. Locking receptor strips lock the iFob™ in place restricting access to authorised personnel down to the individual key. Non-locking receptor strips provide a solution for organisations requiring less security but still an audit of key usage. Tri-colour LED's indicate which keys can be taken, which keys are restricted and assist the user with returning the key to the correct location. Extension cabinets can be connected to the M-Series although normally S or L Series cabinets would be specified if larger capacity is required. The cabinets can be supplied with a clear polycarbonate or metal door, or with no door if specified. The control pod consists of the user interface which includes the LCD, keypad and card or biometric reader.

PC Software Administration

The M-Series is administered from the user friendly Traka32 Windows software supporting a Microsoft Access or SQL database. The M-Series can communicate with the Traka32 software using a range of different options including Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232 and modem.

Multiple systems can be networked together over a Local or Wide Area Network to provide accountability for a limitless number of keys administered from multiple PC workstations running the Traka32 software.

User Identification

The M-Series can support any type of access control device required to identify a user to the key system. Supported devices include RFID proximity readers from all leading access control manufacturers, magstripe, barcode and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, hand, vascular and retina scanners are also supported.


  • Dimensions: H290 x W756 x D150 (mm)
  • Weight: 18kgs
  • Power Supply: Input: AC100-240V
  • Output: DC15V
  • Battery Backup: DC12V 3.2Ah (24 hour)
  • Power Consumption: 30W max
  • Cabinet Material: Zintec Steel
  • Colour Options: Black MNA03 or Cream RAL1013, powder coated
  • Door Material: Clear polycarbonate or metal
  • Operating Temp: Ambient. For indoor use only
  • Mounting: Wall or cabinet stand mounted
  • Key Positions: 10-20 (40 double density)
  • Receptor Strip Support: Locking, Non locking, Double Density (20 positions), combination of both - all, support Tri-Colour LED's
  • Users per system: 16,000
  • Communications: Ethernet (AES-256 encryption,optional), Wireless Ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232, Modem
  • Reader Interface: Wiegand, Clock/Data ABA Tk2, RS232, TTL, Wiegand Anti passback, PIN only
  • Alarm Interface: 3 of 1A/24V relay contacts for connecting to alarms, access control systems, CCTV etc
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, UL