Traka is the leading worldwide specialist in key and equipment management solutions. Our systems are in use 24/7 in many sophisticated and demanding environments, from police forces and hospitals through to commercial distribution centres and rugged military applications. Our intelligent access management solutions enable you to implement superior control, and to meet required Health & Safety legislation – by restricting the use of keys, equipment and facilities, to ensure that only authorised staff can use your valuable assets at any time. This ability to manage, protect and report upon assets more effectively can significantly reduce operating costs, improve business efficiency and increase productivity, enabling you to generate a significant return on investment in just months.

Traka’s answer to conventional key management

Key Cabinets are available in three sizes and can be linked together creating additional capacity for managing many thousands of keys. All keys are attached to an intelligent iFob using a security seal and are then placed into receptor sockets within the cabinet. The user simply accesses the Key Cabinet via a keypad, swipe card, proximity token or biometric scanner – and each user has their own profile to define which keys they can access, and at what times, enabling you to maintain a full audit of all user transactions. Assets which can be managed in this way include vehicles and equipment, as well as keys for everything from meeting rooms and offices, to secure areas such as flammables stores or COSHH cabinets. This enforced key management helps to improve security and compliance whilst also reducing downtime, lost productivity and administration costs. It also makes your staff more accountable, by ensuring that they look after the resources they use.Traka’s ‘iFob’ can be securely attached to conventional keys and these can then be controlled via our intelligent Key Cabinets, enabling you to manage a wide range of assets and facilities.

Integrated access management for secure environments

 Traka’s key and asset management solutions can be fully integrated with almost any access control system currently used in secure environments such as prisons, secure hospitals and IT data centres. Essential equipment such as personal attack alarms or cell keys can be stored in Traka’s intelligent lockers or Key Cabinets, and these are then linked to the organisation’s access control system. The Traka system immediately detects the moment at which an item is removed from or replaced in a key cabinet or locker, and this can be communicated to the access control system in less than 40 milliseconds. So, when a user shows their ID badge at an entrance or exit, the system can check to see if an asset has been returned or taken, before allowing the barrier to open.